Kiwicha (kee-wee-cha).  It’s a funny name for a tiny supergrain.  In Peru, it’s slang for amaranth.  For over 7000 years, it’s been a key part of the Inca diet.  So rich in nutrition, ancient cultures worshiped this grain.  They called it the “golden grain of the gods”.  Unlike other whole grains, kiwicha is a naturally gluten free nutrient powerhouse.

Amaranth grain
About Us

The Andes mountains cut right through the middle of Peru.  Lush Amazonian jungle borders on the East.  Cool Pacific beaches line the west.  It’s a magical place with the Andes towering over the country…over 22,200 feet at their highest.  Indigenous Peruvians walked up, over and around the tremendous peaks that line the country’s interior.  To this day Peruvians still eat naturally dense superfoods to make these journeys. I went to Peru to climb the Andes. I trekked for days without access to supermarkets, restaurants or cellular phone service. I crossed the treacherous Salkantay pass at more than 15,000 feet.  My local guide fed me kiwicha.  He told me it was the secret food that allowed his ancestors to climb the same mountains centuries before.  I brought back what I learned in Peru and made Kiwicha Bar.  You can’t always find great tasting, nutritious, energy dense snacks to keep you going… I created Kiwicha Bar for you.  I hope you love it.